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Give back to the community by supporting our creative makers


As a Social Enterprise or a Community Interest Company, Makers United's purpose is to carry out activities in a way that benefits its community.  Funding opportunities are important to us and will enable us to grow and indeed compete against private limited companies, whilst demonstrating our commitment to the community during this important time.  Whether you are a local business, an established organisation or simply an individual who wants to get involved, you can make a donation to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to lend your support.  It's a great way to contribute to a cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow. 

You can be assured that whatever money we raise, it will be invested in the best possible way, whether it's helping makers to showcase their products, purchasing marketing materials, website support or - once the current restrictions allow - hiring venues and organising fairs.  

Who knows, you might even want to invest directly in a business that especially excites you. Please click on the button below to help Makers United

Fund us: Get Involved
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